Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lazer Beams on Israel National Radio!!!

Set your alarms so that you don't miss Rabbi Lazer Brody's new show this afternoon on Israel National Radio!!!

"Lazer Beams" airs on Tuesdays 10 pm - 11 pm Israel, 3 pm - 4 pm US Eastern.

Join others listening to Rabbi Lazer in the Virtual Studio! The Virtual Studio is open during live broadcasts of Israel National Radio shows. Come on in and join us, we'll look for you there!

Rabbi Lazer's new show debuted last week and it was a hit! His first show was titled "A Vitamin for the Soul". A downloadable mp3 recording of it is available at Israel National Radio.

Calming Waters, Lazer Brody's Healing Flute

I can't find the words to describe this amazing music CD, but I'll try. It's absolutely beautiful, soothing, uplifting, inspiring. Composed and performed by Rabbi Lazer Brody.

Do yourself a favor and order it today or better yet, order several copies to give as gifts. For a sample of one of the songs, check out this video:

Click here for more information and to order Calming Waters, Lazer Brody's Healing Flute.

You can hear Rabbi Lazer talk about his new musical CD on a recent broadcast of "The Beat with Ben Bresky" at Israel National Radio.

Bitachon and Faith in Hashem Lectures

PureTorah.com has a large number of audio and video lectures on the topic of emuna and bitachon (faith and trust).

Some of the audio lectures (available free, in downloadable mp3 format) by Rabbi Ben Tzion Shafier are The Difference Between Emunah and Bitachon, Learning to Trust Hashem, Bitachon and Hishtadlus - Finding the Balance, Living with Bitachon, plus more.

There's quite a few lectures there so be sure to bookmark the webpage: Bitachon & Faith in Hashem Lectures.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rabbi Lazer Brody Back in the USA!

Rabbi Lazer Brody will be in the USA and Panama, June 6 - 16, 2010!

Sunday June 6, 2010 - New York:

At 1:30 pm he will be in Queens at the Beth Gavriel Community Center. Visit http://www.chazaq.org/ for more information.

At 9 pm - Kollel W, Williamsburg. You can contact Moshe Goldberger at (718) 781-1217 for more information.

And there's more.......

Rabbi Lazer will also be visiting Cleveland, Chicago, Panama and Miami during this trip. See his complete schedule for dates, times and more information.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Rabbi Lazer Brody is in the USA!

This is good news for everyone in the Baltimore, New Jersey and New York areas. Check Rabbi Lazer's updated schedule and make plans to see him.

Read more at Rabbi Lazer's award winning blog, Lazer Beams.